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Diagnostic experience with consumer awareness

The person as a whole must be at the centre of attention—even at the diagnostic stage. Accordingly, the minoo team includes researchers and certified experts from the field of medical diagnostics as well as application-oriented specialists with strong consumer awareness. This is how we ensure quality and user-friendliness right from the start.

The brains behind minoo

Michael Diebold

Founder & Top Management
Developed IoT pacemakers and is a medtech visionary.

Stephan Schliack

Head of Commercial & Top Management
Over 20 years of experience in medical technology at Johnson & Johnson, Baxter and Mölnlycke healthcare.

Dr. Christian Wahnes

Top Management
Has brought over 10 medical devices to market.

Dr. Frida Arrey

Head of Business Development & Product Management
Over 15 years of experience in infectious disease research and public health.

Prof. Dr. Manfred Weidmann

Head of Application Development
Over 50 scientific publications, more than 40 years of research into new pathogens and over 20 years of field experience in rapid diagnostics in outbreak situations.


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minoo is a German development for analytics which, in addition to methodological innovation, strives for maximum sustainability. For this reason, production and distribution are also carried out entirely in Germany, in addition to design.

Across the entire process, from development to diagnosis, waste and environmental impact are kept to a minimum. As a result, not only the idea for minoo was conceived locally, but also the entire environment, from production in Germany to German servers. The efficiency of the computing capability of our own cloud delivers sample analyses within 18 minutes and the system is robust against mutations—without collecting personal data. This means we are also able to meet the strict requirements of German and European data protection laws. In our hopefully large diagnostic footprints, only small ecological imprints will remain.


Insights and perspectives at midge medical MPS GmbH

Medical diagnostics must never come to a standstill, as pathogens are always on the move. That is why we at midge medical work tirelessly on further developing molecular diagnostics and constantly improving workflows encountered in actual testing and in the testing procedure itself, all in close cooperation with users. We are currently developing an app for iOS devices to offer users even more flexibility, as well as additional molecular tests to diagnose more viruses, bacteria and parasites.

The future with midge medical promises to be an exciting one.

Shaping the future together

mobile healthcare

Are you interested in molecular diagnostics for your point-of-care or do you see any potential for cooperation? Then contact us right away—we look forward to hearing from you.